Wow! This Woman Cut Out the Toxic People in Her Life But Still Follows Them On Instagram

In a true feat of needless and prolonged suffering, Kenzie McMillan made the effort to finally cut the people out of her life who were bringing in selfishness and constant negativity. In spite of that, she still manages to follow them all on Instagram.


“Having that group of friends in my life sucked so much energy out of me,” says Kenzie, after painstakingly liking every group photo in her feed. “But I don’t want them to think that I hate them – that would be insane.”


Wow! We stan a multitasker who loves to suffer!



While Kenzie is much happier after making new friends and finding new spots to hang out, she still reserves just a little bit of emotional energy to pretend to support the people who have hurt her.


“I want to know if someone loses a job, doesn’t get a promotion, or gets dumped,” adds Kenzie. “I’m not saying I wish anything bad on them – those people are just so toxic, you know?”


Yes, Kenzie! We do know!!