Wow! This Woman Aged Gracefully by Exiling Herself to the Wood, and Living Out Her Days in a Candy House

While some women may fight tooth and nail to cling to their youth, Gullveig Thack has other ideas: This effortless matriarch aged gracefully by exiling herself to the wood to live out her days in a candy house, and we have no choice but to stan.


“I came here some years ago after, let’s say, some issues with the townspeople,” says Gullveig. “But Gullveig has everything she needs here in her gingerbread house, so long as sweet young visitors such as yourself come to see me.”


Wow! A mature woman more concerned with making new friends than new Botox appointments? We could all learn a lesson here.


Eager to hear all this regal matron’s secrets, we asked Gullveig how she decided to welcome upper-middle age with open arms rather than resorting to cheap tricks to fight off the inevitable process of aging.


“Tricks?” says Gullveig. “I’m just a little old lady, happy to stay in my candy house offering weary travelers refuge from these dark and frightful woods.”


We should have known a woman unafraid to rock her natural mane of wild, matted gray hair would be a humble sweetie. Meryl Streep, take notes!



“Come in, come in,” says Gullveig. “You’ll need energy for your trip home. I have every sweet you can imagine. Marshmallow pie, gumdrop soup, hot cocoa as thick and quicksand! You’ll never leave, or, I mean, want to leave.”


Okay, yum!


One thing we can’t figure out is where this queen gets her protein, but whatever the case it’s clear she’s living her best, old life.


Keep killing it, Gullveig — you make 43 look easy!