Wow! This Black Woman Was Calm in the Face of Conflict Because She is Obligated to Be

When faced with a difficult interpersonal situation, lots of people tend to overreact very quickly. But not Laura Robeson: This amazing, inspirational black woman stayed calm in the face of a conflict because she is all but forced by society to do so!


“This really isn’t an accomplishment,” said Laura. “It’s actually an act of self-preservation.”


Don’t be so humble, you superwoman!


Laura described the harrowing situation that required her to show her truly inspiring composure.


“A woman with the same name as me accidentally took my drink off the counter at Starbucks,” she explained. “When I politely mentioned to her that she had mistakenly taken my drink, she started yelling and making a huge scene. I knew I had to be the calm one, even though she started the issue and was in the wrong.”


“Because if I, a black woman, had raised my voice at all and she, a white woman, had started crying, it would’ve been a wrap for me,” Laura added.


Witnesses to the dramatic scene were in awe.


“She handled herself with such grace, I would’ve definitely lost my cool in that situation,” said Jason Quick, a white guy who has never had to show composure in any capacity. “It’s admirable.”


“Yeah, I feel like you normally see black women making a scene,” added Patricia Carmel, a white woman who has no issue causing a fuss under any circumstances if it means getting what she wants, and once literally held an entire plane hostage on the tarmac because there was no Grey Goose available.


“She’s different, good for her,” Patricia added, racistly.


But Laura is insistent that her reaction is not something to be admired.



“It’s not like I didn’t wanna go off on that woman,” explained Laura. “It’s that black people aren’t allowed to react to slights or express legitimate concerns in the same way white people can. At best, it gets us labeled as ‘angry black women’ and, at worst, it can cost us our lives. So I chose to be the bigger person, because I literally have to.”


“Would you believe that bitch got a free drink out of the whole ordeal? And her name was Lauren!” she whispered, frustratedly.


Woah, calm down Laura!