Amazing! Biotin Supplements Turned This Woman’s Leg Hair to Steel

woman flexing arm

From B12 for energy or folic acid for iron, plenty of people take vitamins to help them achieve more in their life. But the dietary supplements that Kendra Lopez chose sent her down a slightly different path: This amazing woman’s biotin habit turned her leg hair into literal steel!


“It wasn’t my intention, that’s for sure,” said Kendra. “I just wanted shiny hair and maybe longer nails. But instead I ended up with chainmail legs.”


While her legs of steel were an unintended result of her regular biotin treatments, they also afford some challenges.


“It makes wearing pants tricky, for sure,” Kendra added. “Don’t even get me started on shaving.”


“Alternately, I’m pretty impervious to soccer balls to the shin now, which has been nice,” Kendra added.


Yes, Kendra! You’re slaying the metal-leg hair game!


While Kendra’s new leg hair has afforded her safety and protection in the summer months, Kendra’s friends are a bit concerned.


“I don’t think that Kendra’s as concerned about this as she should be,” said Darryl Hoyt. “She took way over the recommended daily dosage and now has literal scales. That is a problem.”


“She brushed past me the other day and cut my leg up. I had to get three stitches,” added Wanda Fugue. “She needs to get this checked out.”



And Kendra is starting to notice.


“I didn’t think it was a huge deal, at first, but now I’m starting to wonder,” she said. ”I’d stop taking the biotin so much, but I don’t wanna sacrifice my sturdy nails or horse hair.”

“But on the other hand, I’ve made my boyfriend bleed like six times just from cuddling.”


Those are the least of your concerns, babe!