WOW the Back of Your Hand with These Hot New Year’s Eve Kisses

New Year’s Eve is all about stealing a passionate kiss as the ball drops. Unfortunately, this year you are once again without a boyfriend, but don’t let that stop you from a midnight smooch! So this year, while everyone around you is locked in a meaningful embrace, you can show the back of your hand how it’s done:


The Gentle Nibbling Kiss

When you start small with just a nibble, you’ve got room to build tension, slowly working up to a passionate necking all over your wrist. “Ooh, this is fun and flirty,” the back of your hand will think, before slowly being overcome by a flood of emotions until it realizes, “Oh my God, this is the woman I want to marry. This is love.”


The Forehead Kiss

You and your hand are taking it slow and that’s fine. Show your hand that you’re a warm but patient lady and this just might be the start of something special. Go for it with no regrets and kiss your hand on his forehead (knuckles). When you wake up hung over tomorrow, you can both easily pretend this wasn’t really a thing and go on with your lives. Or was it?


The Deep Tongue

You and the back of your hand are a thing, and you’re not afraid to show it. There’s no need to find a dark corner for this kiss. You two are right out front, under the disco ball, showing the rest of the party that you know how to seize the moment. This kiss will show your hand that you mean business, and are ready to take it to the next level.



The Lower Lip Bite

Is your hand the smoldering, quiet type? Show that hand that you’re feeling sexily conflicted about kissing it by biting its lower lip (thumb) and pulling away. Let it know you’ve had a lot of problems with this hand in the past—it feels so wrong, but it feels so right. Send this hand a sultry message that you are DTK (down to kiss).


The Neck Kiss

You feel so at home with your hand. It’s so soft and welcoming. Kiss it on the neck (wrist) so you two can nuzzle up close. The kiss lets your eyes peek out behind your hand as you stare wistfully at your ex-hand who is kissing someone else across the room. Like the end of the year, this kiss is bittersweet.


Just because you’re kissing the back of your hand this New Year’s doesn’t mean you can’t feel a range of powerful emotions. Who knows? Maybe later that night, you’ll let your hand go all the way.