Instagram Now Has A ‘You’re Welcome’ Button To Hit After You Like Someone’s Selfie

Early this morning, Instagram released an update of the app that includes a new feature. Now, you are able to hit a “You’re Welcome” button after liking someone’s selfie.


Instagram users have been clamoring for the ability to send the message “You’re Welcome” over the app since it was launched in 2010. While users have been able to interact with each other through likes, comments, and direct messages, the ability to quickly send a “You’re Welcome” after generously liking someone’s selfie has been impossible until now.


“I love it,” said 21-year-old Makayla Jennings, an avid Instagram user. “I’ve been liking people’s selfies for years,” she told us. “And every time I’m like, ‘God. I’m doing this person such a favor.’ Now I just click the button that looks like an outstretched hand.”


Though the update has only been available for twelve hours, the feature has already proven remarkably popular. 25,000 You’re Welcomes have been sent since the feature was introduced and that number shows no signs of slowing.


We talked to 24-year-old Krystal Richardson, a popular Instagram user, about her experiences with the feature.


“It’s cool,” she told us. “I posted a selfie this morning that got 1,200 likes and 1,193 ‘You’re Welcomes’. It was always kind of implied that those people felt like they were doing me a favor, but I guess it’s nice to have that out in the open.”


While the “You’re Welcome” button may have been embraced by the masses, it is not without its naysayers.



“I always ‘you’re welcome bitch’ out loud to the empty room when I like someone’s selfie,” says 28-year-old Gene Thurgood, who runs a foodie account. “But to actually send them that message directly? I guess I’m old-fashioned and prefer being a little more passive-aggressive.”


Despite mixed reviews, Instagram shows no signs of changing course. We spoke with Instagram developer Alex Prince about the app’s future endeavors.


The developer shared, “Let’s just say we’ve got something in the works for people who comment ‘beautiful!’”