‘Working On It!’ Says Woman Who Just Remembered She Has to Work on It

In a developing story out of a Cambridge-based boutique advertising firm, 27-year-old video editor Jesse Madrigal has announced that she is working on something she was just reminded she needs to start working on.


Sources report that when Jesse’s boss asked for a status report on the reel she was editing, she quickly replied “working on it!” although she had in no way begun the project.


“I didn’t think it was that high priority, honestly I kind of forgot about it altogether,” Jesse says. “But obviously I wasn’t going to say that, so I just responded ‘working on it!’, which is technically true, because the first step of working on something is mentally deciding that you are going to work on it, and that’s where I’m currently at.”


While Jesse is indeed now working on it, the reminder has not been a positive addition to her day.



“This is sort of a bummer, because I spent the last couple of hours looking at one-bedroom apartments in Austin,” says Jesse, who has no plans of relocating. “And with only two more hours left in my work day, I definitely wasn’t hoping to begin doing something, but work on it I must.”


“I wish I had a firm deadline on this,” Jesse adds. “Because then I could know exactly how much more I can afford to procrastinate, but I guess I’ll just start slugging away. After I respond to a few texts.”


We were also able to chat with Jesse’s boss, Ryan Brenner, who shared his perspective on the situation.


“When I asked Jesse how it was coming, I really expected her to be done actually,” Ryan says. “But presumably it’s close; I mean, how long could she have been ‘working on it’?”


At press time, Jesse had decided to take a hiatus from working on the project on the off chance that her boss forgets about it entirely.