Woman’s Life Perfectly Predicted by MASH Game Played in Fourth Grade

Defying all odds, Tampa resident Jenny Fisher’s life appears to have been accurately predicted by a childhood game of MASH.


“I thought I was being mean when I wrote down Ronnie’s name,” recalls Sarah, who was best friends with Jenny from second through fifth grade. “We’d heard he picked his nose and couldn’t tie his shoes. I put him down alongside Brad Pitt, Fabio, and the Easter Bunny.” She pauses. “I remember thinking I’d rather marry the Easter Bunny.”


Jenny herself says she wasn’t thrilled when the game showed Ronnie as her future husband. “I cried a lot at first, but soon he asked me out and I said yes,” she admits. “It got easier the longer we dated. By the end of middle school he wasn’t picking his nose in public anymore. In high school, I bought him Velcro shoes so he wouldn’t have to struggle with laces anymore.”



When asked if she ever considered the idea that he might not end up as her husband, Jenny shakes her head. “Even when I was little, I knew there was no point in fighting destiny,” she says. When Ronnie proposed to her during their freshman year at college – an amateur taxidermist, he left a preserved bunny holding a “marry me” sign in her bed – Jenny didn’t hesitate to say yes. “It turns out,” she adds, “Ronnie is actually a very kind, thoughtful guy.”


The MASH prophecy continued to unfold over the coming years. Jenny and Ronnie went on a honeymoon in Siberia, then moved to New Mexico, where they bought their first home and got a pair of snakes to keep as pets. Today, Jenny is a teacher – she homeschools their seven children, which include a set of triplets – and drives a Wienermobile around town.


“I mean, maybe we should be thankful,” Jenny’s older sister says with a sigh. “If you look at the MASH game, you can see she might have had 800 kids, or six abortions. She might be driving a tank and keeping a tiger as a pet. It could be worse.”