Woman Thinks Incest Is Bad Unless It’s on HBO

In Portland, OR, 32-year-old Emily Hayword has discovered that she’s actually into incest conceptually, but only when watching HBO’s House of the Dragon and presumably, other prestige HBO programming.


“There’s nothing wrong with being turned on by incest,” Emily told reporters. “On TV I mean! Only on TV… and maybe during roleplay, too.”


Many people are shocked at what Emily has said, but she remains firm that she’s actually watching the Game of Thrones spin-off the way that the creators intended it to be watched.


“Sure, Daemon may have groomed his own niece when she was a teenager and then married her later on, and that’s obviously bad. But it’s also kind of hot…right?” Emily said, even though no one agreed with her. “And yeah, spoiler alert, but during the finale when Daemon chokes her, that was also pretty bad. But honestly, I don’t think he’d really do something like that in real life.”


When Emily said “in real life”, reporters assumed she was talking about George R. R. Martin’s books, but it wasn’t exactly clear what she was talking about. Maybe the actor who plays him? No one really knows.


“Besides,” Emily continued. “Aren’t kinks supposed to be your own personal preference? So, anyone who says that I can’t find this incestuous relationship on TV hot is actually just kink shaming me.”


However, despite Emily’s claims of “kink shaming”, many people are worried about her very real perception of incest and grooming. 


“If it’s kink shaming to call someone’s incest fetish weird,” one of Emily’s acquaintances, who preferred to remain anonymous, said. “Then I am definitely kink shaming her.”


When asked if Emily found incest hot in real life, she made it clear that she didn’t, but since it’s unclear what “real life” means to Emily, readers should probably take this with a grain of salt.


“Also, other viewers obviously find it hot too if HBO is doing another fantasy show that features incestuous relationships,” Emily said. “With millions of viewers every week, other people must enjoy watching incest too!”


But despite Emily’s assumption that other people get turned on by the incest in the show, many people have actually reported skipping completely through the incestuous parts, and wanting to throw up whenever this specific couple is on screen.


“When people put characters on TV,” Emily said. “The showrunners obviously want us to like everything those characters do, no matter how horrible and disgusting they are. Duh!”