Woman Suspicious Boyfriend Also Had Feelings for Past Women He Dated

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Cassie Townsend and freshly-nabbed boyfriend Max Collins have been all about each other since they started dating three months ago, but Townsend’s faith in the relationship has recently been shaken by evidence that the 27-year-old Tinder meat has probably loved other women in his lifetime.


“Whenever I date a guy, I need to know that I’m the first woman he’s ever cared about,” said Townsend, who has been in love five times. “Basically I want to feel like no women existed before me and I’m the first one he’s ever seen besides his mother.”


She paused before adding: “Moms are okay. That’s a different kind of love.”


Townsend’s suspicions were first introduced during a night of cuddling, when Collins revealed that he “…hadn’t felt this way about someone in a very long time.”



Townsend immediately began questioning where and how he had in fact felt that way about someone. And how much?


“I really like Cassie and I think we have something special,” said Collins. “She’s been asking a lot of questions about my exes and if I’m being completely honest, there’s been stuff I’ve liked about all the girls I’ve dated.


Bumping into Collins’ most recent ex, an interior designer with perky tits, didn’t help Townsend’s paranoia, either. After seeing her in a Von’s grocery store, Collins couldn’t get over the fact that her boyfriend had had more than feelings of indifference towards this woman.


“If Max fucked her, how can I be sure it wasn’t vastly underwhelming compared with his experiences fucking me?” asked Townsend.


“Yeah, Jazz and I used to fuck a lot,” Collins frantically whispered to us. “But it’s different with Cassie because we’re together now in the present. I do use the same positions, though.”


While exactly who and what these past women meant to Collins is still inconclusive, Townsend is committed to finding the truth by digging through his phone when he’s asleep and checking the Facebook pages of every girl who has liked his status within the past 10 years.


“I know they’re out there and I’m going to find them,” heaved Townsend. “And somehow I’m going to find proof that he never really liked any of them.”


When asked if Townsend’s suspicions are any implications to her own dating past, she told us that Collins has nothing to worry about.


“None of my exes mean anything to me.” she grinned. “At least not nearly as much as I must’ve meant to them.”