Woman Recklessly Blows Entire Paycheck on Rent Again

In a disappointing story coming out of Brooklyn, NY, 23-year-old Malia Johnson has recklessly dropped the ball and spent her whole paycheck on rent again.


This is apparently the fifth month in a row that she’s done this, and Malia doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


“I just can’t help it,” Malia told reporters. “I know I have a problem, but it’s pretty hard to cut back on living in a place with a roof and heat and stuff.”


Economists claim that you should only spend one third of your monthly income on housing, but that doesn’t seem to change Malia’s mind about her careless actions in the slightest.


“Believe me,” Malia said. “I would only pay that much of a paycheck if I could, but I just have a weakness for paying my rent as close to the due date as possible in order to not be evicted.”



According to Malia’s friends, her recklessness shows nearly every time they’re together.


“We always try to get Malia to go out with us on the weekends,” one of Malia’s friends, Natalie, said. “But she always gives us the excuse that she ‘doesn’t have any money’ because she ‘spent it all on housing.’ It’s like, how can you be that irresponsible all the time?”


“I’m worried about what might happen to her if she keeps doing this,” another friend, Audrey, told reporters. “How is she going to save up and plan for her future when she spends every penny she earns on something as ridiculous as ‘rent’?”


And it doesn’t stop there. According to witnesses, whatever money Malia has left, she spends on frivolous things like wifi, gas, and electricity, too.


“I know I need to have a budget,” Malia said. “And that’s why I have one, but I’ll still try harder next time!”