Woman is Vegan Except for Honey in Tea, Eggs, Sushi, Chick-fil-A When She’s Drunk, Every Holiday, and Beef

With the increasing pressure of climate change, we all want to do our part to lessen our carbon footprint. But no one is taking this challenge more head-on than Pasadena resident Katie Callahan, an ardent vegan, with exceptions for honey in tea, eggs, sushi, Chick-fil-A when she’s drunk, every holiday, and, of course, beef.


“I just really care about the environment and love animals, so if that means I have to make some changes to my diet to save the planet, I’m willing to make that sacrifice,” says Katie while eating what she reports will be her only burger of the day.


Despite her present commitment, Katie reports the change to a more socially conscious diet didn’t happen overnight.


“I couldn’t just go cold turkey with animal products. Oh, like turkey, that’s one I haven’t quite phased out yet,” she explains. “But in the beginning, I started small with manageable changes like cutting out my weekly gelato runs.”


“It wasn’t easy,” Katie says. “But I found froyo to be a really great substitute since I’m pretty sure it has less dairy than regular ice cream.”


But Katie acknowledges her strict dietary restrictions are not for the faint of heart.


“Obviously my vegan lifestyle is not for everyone,” Katie explains, “It takes a lot of self-discipline to turn down a plate of sizzling bacon. I mean, even I had a small side of bacon at my friend Cynthia’s birthday brunch last weekend. I wouldn’t usually do that, but it was included with my meal, so, I didn’t really have a choice.”


Friends are also inspired by Katie’s dedication to saving the planet, one meal at a time.



“I never thought I could be vegan, but Katie makes it look so easy!” says best friend and roommate Lindsey Hall. “She’s the only vegan I know who basically eats whatever she wants, including animal products. It’s made me rethink veganism altogether.”


Despite its challenges, Katie encourages everyone to give this plant-based lifestyle at least a try.


As she digs into a beef burrito supreme from Taco Bell — which she assures us doesn’t count because she’s on her period — she beams, “If I can do it, then anyone can.”