Woman in Pajamas Just Running a Quick Errand

In a recent visit to Target, Claire Jennings, dressed in her pajamas, rationalized her unkempt appearance because she was only going to be out of the house for less than 20 minutes.


“No one cares if I’ve showered or not,” Jennings assures herself. “I’ll put on a hoodie over it or something so no one can tell I’m not wearing a bra. It’s fine.”



Jennings doesn’t see what all the fuss is about getting dressed for the odd run to the store. She has spotted other young women running errands sporting messy buns while dressed in Ugg boots and sweatpants that are clearly not being used for exercise.


“Wearing PJs in public is totally fine if you’re just running out for a sec,” claims Jennings. “I was barely visible anyway. I was in and out in no time.”