Woman Finally Taken Off Hold Right As She Stuffs Spoonful of Peanut Butter in Mouth

After being put on hold by various departments of her insurance company for over an hour, Angela Patrick realized it was well past lunchtime and she was starting to feel faint.


The moment she pulled out a jar of peanut butter and shoved a large spoonful in her mouth, iPhone still closely by her side, she was swiftly answered by a call representative.


“Hello?… Hello,” the woman on the other line said, terrifying second upon second passing in which Patrick was unable to form words.


“Ohmn, uh, host on jussa seg,” Patrick said, furiously trying to swallow all the peanut butter and clear her airway.


“M’aam, are you alright?” said the rep. “I’m not sure I’m able to assist you. We don’t seem to have a clear connection.”



“Nohm!” Patrick spat out, desperately trying to articulate clearly and remember the query that began her phone call in the first place.

“Hi, sorry,” Patrick was eventually able to recover. “Can you help me figured out how to get my prescriptions covered? I really need them to live.”


Unfortunately, the representative had ended the call.