Woman Consults Additional Mirror for Second Opinion

After a concerning first look at her bedroom mirror, 25-year-old Alyssa Brown made the proactive choice to take things into her own hands and consult an additional mirror for a second opinion.


According to reports, Alyssa was trying out a daring new eye makeup look she found off of Instagram when she made her decision to seek a second opinion.


“I was trying to do a reverse cat eye on my bottom lids, but I wasn’t sure if it looked good or if I looked crazy,” Alyssa told us. “So I consulted the mirror in the bathroom for its opinion as well.”


Witnesses report that Alyssa’s two mirrors both made great points, though they presented decidedly different perspectives.


“My bedroom mirror made my makeup look pretty good,” Alyssa said. “It honestly looked flawless.”


However, Alyssa’s other mirror told a vastly different story.


“When I went into the bathroom,” Alyssa told us, “the mirror made my cat eye look messier and a little too intense.”


“I’m glad that I could hear both sides,” she added. “I love to hear feedback from different points of view, especially when it comes from reflections of myself.”


“Alyssa didn’t ask for my opinion at all,” Alyssa’s roommate, Patricia Hill, told us. “I guess actual opinions didn’t really matter to her. She only cared what her mirrors had to say.”



Alyssa maintains that it’s a lot more complicated than that.


“I don’t want to overcomplicate things by asking any actual people,” she said. “But I’ll consult as many mirrors in different lightings as possible to come to the right conclusion.”


According to reports, this is actually totally valid.


When we asked Alyssa what was next for her, she was very clear on the matter.


“I just found a hand mirror under my bed,” she told us. “So I think I’m gonna look in that one too, y’know, just to be absolutely sure.”