Woman Can Make A Way Better Salad Than This


After taking only one bite of her salad at Big Shot’s Diner, Tiffany Weinberger, 26, publicly confirmed that she could have made a way better salad.


“I just don’t get it. How do you fuck up a salad?” said Weinberger as she flagged down the waiter down to have him look at the house salad with a piece of grilled chicken on top. “How can you even call this a salad? I’m not eating this.”



According to sources, Weinberger took a photo of the salad with her phone and tagged it #areyouserious before calling her mother to complain about how easy it is to make a salad. “All they have to do is put some fresh romaine, croutons and tomatoes in a bowl and put the Thousand Island on the side. It’s not difficult but somehow this tastes like shit.”


Weinberger added that she will be telling all of her friends not to go to Big Shot’s anymore, and that they’d be lucky, with salads like this, if they remain open for the rest of the year.