Why I Stopped Breastfeeding and Started Filling This Nerf Super Soaker With Formula

I love my newborn baby more than anything in the world. But breastfeeding never quite “worked” for us. There’s so much judgment around the choices new moms make, and that pressure kept me in a frustrating cycle of trying and failing to successfully breastfeed. Then I realized that if I want there to be less judgment around motherhood, I need to stop judging myself. That’s why I decided to stop breastfeeding and started filling a Nerf Super Soaker with baby formula instead.


While it may not be the traditional way to nourish my child, I’m all about creating modern solutions to age-old problems. After all, breastfeeding hurts my nipples, and spraying my young infant with a super soaker full of formula is way more fun for the both of us. For example, my little one squeals with joy when I tuck, dive and roll before shooting formula directly at its face.


Besides the ease of feeding my baby this way, I also think that it’s going to have a really positive effect on him in the long run.


I don’t want my kid to turn into some sort of nerd when he grows up! That’s why I take pride in using a Nerf gun to surprise him with much needed milk throughout the day. This way when he can finally walk, he’ll be ready for anything!



So many other new moms always ask me things like “Why would you do this to your two-month-old baby?” or “Isn’t the super soaker hard to clean inbetween feedings?” And to that I say, “Why aren’t you feeding your baby this way?” and “I’ve actually never washed it before!”


There are so many different ways to make sure your infant stays nourished; breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or shooting streams of formula from a big plastic water gun. However, I believe that there’s only one right way to do it, and that’s using a Nerf gun to feed your child. I love being a cool mom!