Why I Quit My Job Because I’m Just So Cozy Right Now

It can be difficult to know when it’s time to move on from a job: Sometimes we stay in a position we’ve outgrown merely to avoid the effort and potential rejection of seeking out something better suited to us. In other words, staying in a less-than-satisfactory job if often simply the more comfortable option, but where does that logic end? For me, it all changed when I realized how comfortable not going to work today could be. Here’s why I quit my job because I’m just so, so cozy right now.


When I awoke this morning, I had every intention to go into my closing shift as a floor manager for a store that people could just order online from. Regardless of whether my position was the most fulfilling, I felt grateful for employment during uncertain times and valued the work of supporting my team. But my perspective really began to shift when I had to start getting ready in ten minutes. Sitting in my armchair by the window, wrapped in a blanket, sweatpants, sweatshirt (hood up, drawstring tight), drinking a hot cup of coffee, and watching Santa Clarita Diet on my laptop, I suddenly started to wonder if this job, and specifically going to it today, was right for me.


Of course, even when you know the time for you to leave your station has come, it’s still hard to pull the plug. I’ve found it’s helpful to start getting excited for the future and all the new opportunities that will open up once you start your next chapter. For example, I’m just soo cozy right now all curled up like a goddamn baby, and quitting my job will give me the opportunity to remain this way for at least until I really have to pee.



A lot of people may be wondering why I quit my job instead of calling in sick, and the answer is that calling in sick always sounds like a lie, and though I’m not opposed to lying, I am very opposed to people thinking I’m lying. You may also be wondering whether becoming unemployed was really worth staying in my incredibly snug blanket cocoon, or what my plan is now, and the answer is yes, obviously, and finish this season of Santa Clarita Diet, obviously.


I only hope that my story can inspire others to take action and abandon the commitments that are holding them back from living their coziest lives. I couldn’t feel better about my choice, and — oh God, okay, I really have to pee.