Why I Gave up Meditation in Favor of Self-Care That Costs Money

Meditation is great! It relaxes your mind, pulls your focus to what’s going on around you, and gives you a solid period of active rest. But it’s also incredibly boring! That’s why I gave it up in favor of forms of self-care that cost money instead.


I was first interested in meditating because it was a free way to connect my mind, body, and spirit in the comfort of my own home. But so what? I was wasting so much of my time just sitting in a room with my eyes closed. Then I realized that I actually get the same mellowed-out feeling from buying a variety of sheet face masks, and while this peaceful feeling only lasts for about four to five minutes compared to the life-long discipline of meditation, my face looks really good now!


Eating wood-fired bagels with lox that cost $18 every morning has also been extremely helpful in my own personal self-care journey. I love the capers, and I also love that I get to insert my little credit card chip into a machine and then possess something I previously did not. This part of my day is also cemented in my morning routine because I can’t take my Instagram vitamins on an empty stomach.


Meditation also falls short when thinking about the external factors of life that make you feel happy, like getting your nails done, which I do twice a month now. Humming a mantra would have never given me the confidence that my stiletto acrylic nails do now. Plus, you can’t post humming a mantra on your story. I mean, you could, but I’m not that kind of bitch.



I do, however, think that it’s important to bring one’s attention back to the body, which is why I invested in an $80 yoga mat and an entire wardrobe of athleisure. All of this might just sit and gather dust in my apartment now, but they still make me feel great when I look at them (while wearing a variety of lingerie sets I bought because I decided that it was time to treat myself)!


So while meditation is cool and healthy and whatever, I decided to give it up in favor of self-care that costs a lot of money. Because spending money kind of gets you high!