Why I Always Use Corn Holders When Sucking Dick

Performing fellatio on your partner is one of the hottest things you can do in the bedroom, but it can also be extremely taxing and pretty messy. While there are so many sex toys on the market right now, I had yet to find one that makes sucking dick an easy task —that is, until I started using corn holders whenever I’m slobbing on that knob.


Corn holders have typically been used to eat corn on the cob in an easy, sanitary, and sophisticated way, but who says you can’t do the same with your partner’s corn on the cob (if you catch my drift)?



Using a corn holder while sucking dick has taken my sex life to a whole new level. I seriously can’t recommend them enough. Sure, it’s a little painful for your partner at first, but once they feel how legendary the blowjob you’re giving them is, they’ll forget all about the eating utensil lodged in their dickhole, and thank you for blessing them with such a mindblowing O!


Once I started using this fun little sex hack, I realized that I could do so much more than how I’d been sucking people off in the past. It was just so much easier now! Instead of my neck cramping and my jaw locking from boringly bobbing my head up and down, I could sit back and enjoy the experience to the fullest thanks to the ease of modern eating technology, which allowed me to really explore the depths of someone’s dick, and all without even getting my hands dirty!


However, I do have to admit that with experimentation in the bedroom, there is always the risk that you might make a mistake. I’m actually guilty of accidentally chomping down on my partners’ dicks a few times due to force of habit, because for a second I forgot that I was sucking dick and not enjoying a nice grilled corn on the cob in a backyard, but hey, no one’s perfect!


So if you’re thinking about trying something new with your partner, or you just want something that’ll make sucking dick easier and a little more fun, then go out to your nearest grocery store and get some sexy corn holders! You’ll also only need one by the way, unless you two are into butt stuff!