Why Couldn’t They Just Cast The Hot Cartoon From The Original Aladdin, HUH?!

After reportedly struggling to find Middle Eastern actors, Disney has announced that Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott will be starring as Aladdin and Jasmine in Guy Ritchie’s forthcoming live action remake of Aladdin. And while many have rejoiced as a result of the decision, I have a real bone to pick! Namely, why couldn’t they just cast the hot cartoon who played Aladdin in the first place, huh???


Although I’m no industry insider, I’m a traditionalist when it comes to casting. The cartoon in the original Aladdin was really hot and a formative part of my sexual evolution and I guess I just don’t understand why he couldn’t star in the live action remake. Was he busy? Was this typical Hollywood refusing the cast a cartoon just because he’s “too old?” If Aladdin is played by an actual person and not a cutie cartoon, my childhood will be ruined. Hollywood: Fix this!


The cartoon in the original Aladdin had it all – looks, body, abs, a vest! I just can’t picture Aladdin any other way. To me, Aladdin is that hunky sexy cartoon man, end of story. I love that they’re making a new version, but I think a lot a 90s kids will be disappointed that the hot cartoon Aladdin will not be reprising his role. I have to wonder if Disney even let cartoon Aladdin audition! At the bare minimum, he should have a cameo as the Sultan or honestly even Jafar. If he wants to try his hand at a more mature role, I understand that. But to cut him out of this remake altogether is just deplorable.



I swear I don’t have a problem with Scott and Massoud. They seem like great people! It’s just that I think once a character is set, it should never change in any way. I also think the original cartoon Aladdin was so good and hot and I truly don’t understand why he couldn’t be in the new film. Jasmine, too. All of the cartoons! I mean, good luck finding a tiger that can emote as well as the original Rajah! I thought the whole cartoon cast was amazing and if they want to use a real tiger for the “ratings” that’s fine, but let the rest of the cartoons reprise their roles!


In the end, I just want the new live action remake to be identical to the original cartoon version or else you will utterly destroy my childhood. If my demands are not met, you can say goodbye to me – your most vocal fan!