When to Let Your Partner Know That He’s in an Open Relationship

So it’s time to have the “exclusivity” talk with your partner: Sure, you get vibes that he’s not sleeping with anyone else, but you never said you wouldn’t! It can be hard to find a time to explain that you’ve been going on romantic dates with him and are simultaneously getting dicked very good elsewhere. Here’s when to let your partner know that despite what he may think, he is very much in an open relationship.


When It Felt Right About Two Months Ago

Sometimes there is no perfect time to let someone know you’re bonking all over town. Except there was a perfect moment about two months ago when he casually said, “I’m not seeing anyone else.” Maybe that would have been the time to say, “Oh, I actually am! You and me, we’re in an open relationship right now.” But why say it when you could stew in guilt and worry about this weird secret you’re harboring? No thanks, honestly!


Right Before Sex

Maybe a good time to tell someone you’re not exclusively seeing them is right before sex. While you’re fine keeping him in the dark about your steamy nights with other people, you definitely wouldn’t want to risk his sexual health! So sit up, grab a condom from his drawer and tell him, “You should definitely wear this, because I’m fucking so many other people besides you.” Easy! He’ll stay hard, maybe! Then pat yourself on the back for this open and honest dialogue.


Right Now?

You think he’s amazing and no relationship compares to this one, but you also have definitely been hooking up with whoever you want to for a while now. So why not get this weird little lie by omission out into the open? Do it! Except for maybe don’t, because right now he’s cooking you curry and that sounds tasty. Also, you have a very hot date planned with that girl Trina from the record store tomorrow so maybe hold off in case it makes things weird. No big deal, next week is fine!




This option is probably unethical, but maybe it would be easier (for you) to not let your partner know about your late night trysts with at this point dozens of people? Maybe on your wedding day? Maybe right before you die? It’s not cheating as long as you plan to tell him at some point!

What’s great about open relationships is the honesty and openness that it breeds in a relationship – if you’re being open and honest, that is! Hell yes, bitch! You’ll get there someday!