‘What Turns You On?’ Asks Man Hoping It Will Be His Small Dick From Behind

When 28-year-old Vince Bronovich asked his hookup what turns her on, she initially assumed this was a genuine attempt to pleasure her. However, it became clear he was simply hoping they’d be on the same page in thinking the answer would be his own small dick, doing her from behind.


“My greatest joy is giving my partner pleasure. Whatever turns her on turns me on,” says Bronovich, who has a below-average sized penis. “But I especially love when she loves doggy-style.”


Despite the fact that most women in Bronovich’s life have answered his question with something akin to “go down on me,” he remains hopeful that someday he’ll meet a woman whose fantasy matches up with his.


“Some people are sexually compatible and some just aren’t,” says Bronovich. “I know my dream woman is out there, and ready for me to give it to her in a really specific way.’”


Interestingly, Bronovich seems unable to accept that he is further handicapping himself by entering from behind.


“He asked me what turns me on which was cool,” says Adriana Lillith, a former hookup. “But when I told him it was oral sex, he immediately was like, ‘Oh darn, that’s like the opposite of my fantasy.’”


“Listen, I don’t have a problem with small dicks,” says another previous partner who wishes to remain anonymous. “But I do have a problem with a dude thinking it’s gonna do me any favors from behind. It’s time to explore other options, dude.”


Still, Bronovich intends to proceed as usual.


“I guess if I ask you what turns you on, I sort of expect you to ask me the same,” says Bronovich. “Maybe that’s a forward-thinking take, but I think I deserve to be turned on just as much as her.”


At the conclusion of this interview, Bronovich shared some of his other fantasies.


“I hope to settle down with a woman someday,” says Bronovich. “I want to do everything I can to make her life happy, like complimenting her cooking and her child-rearing skills.”