Wedding Gifts That Say, ‘We Get It, You’re In Love’

It’s hard enough when two people who really, really love each other get married, but it’s even harder when they love to rub your face in it. You want to get them a present that speaks from the heart, and your heart is saying, “Okay, chill with the love crap.” Take them down a notch by getting them once of these gifts that say, “WE GET IT, you’re in love! God!!”


Something From Etsy with Their Names On It

Etsy is the go-to source for gifts that seem original and unique for a couple that’s annoyingly in love with each other. Find some cool-looking pillows and send them directly to their house. You’ll make them feel special without going overboard because it’s like, everyone gets it, how much more special do they really need to feel? Like, jeez, get a room.


A Bunch of Bowls

People always need bowls, even people so head-over-heels in love that they can’t stop looking into each other’s eyes, so you can’t go wrong here. Find a set of multi-colored mixing bowls or even a completely random collection of bowls stacked in a box. This is the perfect way to show them you are genuinely excited for them because you understand what’s going on, but you don’t really want to hear about it anymore, okay?



Champagne is almost as good as writing “Congratulations, blah blah blah” on their card without actually having to do it. Expensive alcohol may be impersonal, but guarantees they’ll at least get a little tipsy while falling in love with each other all over again. Remember, they don’t need your emotional support because they have each other and that’s all they need! Fortunately this gift will say, “We already know, and you can shut up about it now.”


A Visa Gift Card

This is the most direct option if you want to make it obvious that you were rolling your eyes while you bought their gift. They probably won’t even notice, what with all the time they spend sharing photos of them kissing these days. You’ll be speaking for all their friends and loved ones with this gift that says, “ENOUGH ALREADY!”


Next time you’re ready to celebrate your friends’ love, but low-key never want to hear about it again, try getting them one of these gifts. Because the best gift you could give them right now is teaching them how to take a hint.