Uh Oh! Woman Discovers Being Mean to Stepkids Is Fun

In a surprising story out of Danville, VA, 38-year-old stepmother Deandra Jones has recently made the shocking discovery that being mean to her step kids is fun.


“I grew up watching Disney movies,” Deandra told us. “Everyone knows that stepmothers have this connotation for being evil, which I never truly believed, that is, until I became one.”


“Now, I love being mean to my step children!” Deandra said. “Who knew that being evil to your step kids could be so fun?”


We asked Deandra for some examples of how she’s made her step children suffer for no good reason, and she was delighted to let us know.


“Just last night, I told my step daughter Alexis that she couldn’t go out because I thought she looked prettier than me,” Deandra told us. “Sure, she’s 18 years old and legally an adult, but my husband Mark left me in charge, so whatever I said was final. It was exhilarating!”


Deandra wasted no time tormenting her other step child, 14-year-old Dwayne Jones, as well.


“I would’ve never thought I’d do something like this before I got married,” Deandra said. “But last week I also sent Dwayne to bed with no supper, just because I was feeling a little cranky! I definitely felt way better afterwards though. I think I’m getting used to this!”


We asked Deandra’s husband, Mark, about his outlook on the situation.


“Deandra is the light of my life, the apple of my eye,” Mark told us. “Sure, she can be a little strict with the kids sometimes, but I know she only has the best intentions.”


“I think I’m gonna spill spaghetti sauce all over the floor and make them clean it up tomorrow,” Deandra told us. “I mean, what else do they have to do? Go to ‘school’?”



Besides her evil intentions, Deandra is still surprised when she sees what she has become.


“Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be the evil stepmother,” she explained. “But now that I am one, I never want to be nice to my step children again!”


At press time, Deandra is planning on having her own child which she’ll treat way better than both of her step children.


“I normally don’t like to pick favorites,” Deandra said. “But now I’m finding that it’s actually really fun, too! Whoops!”