This Woman Was Visited By Three Ghosts On Christmas Eve Because They Don’t Understand Personal Boundaries

In an unusual supernatural experience, Selena Khan of Warwick, Rhode Island, was visited by three separate spirits at various inconvenient moments on Christmas Eve, because apparently they don’t understand or respect personal boundaries.


“I was in my own private home when this guy mists into my bedroom trying to talk to me about stuff I did in college,” explains Khan. “Um, hello?! I can scroll back through my Facebook photos on my own schedule if I want to think about all that. Get the hell out of my house!”


Khan was then visiting by a jolly ghost in a green robe who wanted to discuss her present life, while she was clearly busy doing other things.


“He seemed to think it was charming that he knew the names of all my friends and family. Some people might find that cute, but that’s creepy. He might not understand boundaries, but I do.”

Khan scared the ghost away by threatening to call the police before a third spirit awoke her an hour later.



“I don’t know who raised these ghosts, but this is not right,” says Khan of the hooded ghost who tried to lure her to a graveyard to teach her some kind of lesson about the fragility of life.


“I told him no and he just kept beckoning me. What a bunch of inconsiderate assholes.”