This Woman Not Only Takes Spiders Outside – She Even Gives Them a Little Food And Water for the Road

Animal lovers everywhere, prepare to bow down to Molly Felder-Ito – because this 26-year-old Seattle resident doesn’t just take spiders outside, she also gives them a little food and water for the road.


Now that’s what we call humane treatment!


“Some people will just kill a spider if it’s in their home, but I’m not comfortable callously taking a life like that,” Molly says. “That’s why I use the cup-and-a-sheet-of-paper method to trap them, run and prepare a manageably-sized but densely nutritious care package of food and drink to help them on their way, then release them with their supplies into the wilderness with a little pat on the thorax.”


Paging everyone else in the world! Yeah, hi, we just thought you would want to hear about this because it’s awesome.


“It’s not even a question for me,” Molly says, putting half an almond into a two-by-two centimeter lunchbox. “It’s just the right thing to do.”


While Molly expects nothing in return from the spiders, she admits the work is often gratifying.


“Even if it were thankless, I’d always send my house spiders off with a little fortified mineral water and one piece of pasta with a tiny little meatball on top,” she says. “But when they toss the small cloth knapsack over their shoulder, scurry off down the road, then pause, turn around, and give me one last wave with one of their many legs before rounding the corner, that is pretty nice.”



When reached for comment, one spider smiled and kept eating 1/16th of a Babybel cheese wheel.


“All living things deserve respect, and, if you can manage it, a little extra kindness and care,” Molly says. “Unless one of those fuckers is in my shower, then it’s getting swept away in a watery current straight to Hell.”