This? This My Bitch.

Let me tell you a little story. This? This my bitch.

  1. Oh this? This my bitch, Amelia. Do not fuck with her.

Amelia woman



2. My bitch? She’s fluent in Spanish. Honestly? She’s my biiiitch.

Amelia / women



3. Oh, my bitch? My bitch reads. Writes. Thinks. What can your bitch do? Nothing. Fuck your bitch—this is my bitch Amelia. Look at those nails!

woman reading



4. Oh, you mean my bitch, Amelia? She supports LGBTQA+. Is your bitch an ally? I won’t hold my breath.

woman support eye




  1. It’s Sunday and my bitch can make arepas from scratch. Seriously? My biiiiitch.

woman apron



  1. Rivers, lakes, oceans. You cannot touch my bitch when she rolls up in a kayak

kayak woman



  1. My bitch rides the subway! Stand clear of my bitch!

woman subway



  1. Oh sorry, can I help you? No? Good, cuz my bitch and I are catching up and snacking. This. Girl. Tho.

woman food




  1. My bitch and her bitch. I’m not jealous, though, because when you’re bitches for life, you don’t have to choose.

10. That’s right, just keep walking. Because my bitch? Just climbed a pyramid. My bitch!!!

woman climb