This SoulCycle Instructor Brings Her Riders Juuust To The Brink Of Orgasm

Every SoulCycle instructor challenges and motivates, but Mandy Sanderson, a New York-based instructor, adds something a little extra by bringing her riders juuust to the brink of orgasm. With motivational mantras, sexy playlists, and a peppy spirit, Mandy will make sure you’re so close to, but not quite, coming all over your saddle. Inspiring!


Mandy started teaching at Soul three years ago, but it’s only been in the past couple of months that she’s realized she has the ability to sync up her riders’ experiences so that they all climb towards sexual climax at the same rate. And just when everyone is about to explode all over their Lululemons, Mandy turns off the music and turns on the lights.


When asked if this is a regular occurrence, one SoulCycle employee responded, “Definitely. I guess a lot of SoulCycle riders are sexually frustrated? But if she’s going to get them so close to coming, why doesn’t she just have them come? This is so fucking weird.”


Wow! Everyone is loving this new class!



We tried Mandy’s class, which seemed normal at first. We tapped back, climbed hills and sprinted in the saddle. But when it came time for the last two songs of the class, Ginuwine’s “Pony” and Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop,” Mandy really turned up the heat by making us horny as hell, even encouraging us all to moan audibly, until we almost reached completion but didn’t.


At one point, Mandy had us stop our legs and just grind on the saddle while yelling her mantra: “Give it to me, daddy!” It didn’t burn calories, but we got really close to orgasm without it actually happening.


We asked Mandy what led her to the revolutionary new workout. “Well we all love to come, but it’s probably better to finish yourself off in the comfort of a private SoulCycle locker room shower full of LeLabo products than spooge on a bike that our employees have to clean.”