This New App Delivers Fresh Produce Directly To Your Garbage Can

An exciting new startup recently launched their flagship service, PRDC, an app that delivers fresh, locally sourced produce directly to your garbage can.


The app aims to improve and simplify the process of buying fruit, taking it home, then ultimately waiting so long to eat it that it rots before unceremoniously throwing it away.


“It can be really hard to find, buy, and toss, fresh, high quality produce,” says PRDC CEO Gina Deitz. “We were interested in streamlining the process by cutting out the middle man—you—and simply delivering organic, GMO-free produce directly to your trash.”


People are already raving about the app.


“I used to have to shop for produce, put it in my fridge, forget I bought it, and then throw it in my trash,” says one early adopter of PRDC. “Sometimes I would even attempt to compost before just throwing it all into the regular trash and taking it outside. The app makes being wasteful so much easier.”


With a simple interface, PRDC is incredibly easy to use. Users simply make an account, fill out a questionnaire (noting any serious dietary restrictions), and a team of experts carefully curate an individualized box of produce tailored to the users’ specific needs. Sustainably grown produce is then selected and purchased exclusively from local farms and shipped in a fully recyclable, refrigerated box, which is delivered straight to your trash where everything, including recyclables, is thrown away without ever being opened.



If you’re not home during delivery, no problem! PRDC allows you to indicate when you won’t be home so the package can be delivered straight to a dumpster, or a trash can in a public park.


Immediately jumping off their success, the developers of PRDC are expanding their enterprises with PRDC Chef, which delivers pre-portioned ready-to-cook meals directly to a landfill and PRDC FURTHR, which just sends trash to that island in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.