This Is What 100 Calories of Your Household Items Look Like

Just like the sneaky “low fat” pudding in your fridge, lots of inedible things in your house are hiding empty calories, too. In fact, almost everything in your house has calories. How crazy is that? So before you totally sabotage yourself before tank top season, here’s what 100 calories of your favorite stuff looks like.



2. lotion

1. Face Lotion = 1 Teaspoon

A single teaspoon of lotion is barely half of what Gwyneth Paltrow says will cure your budding crow’s feet and yet it is 100 whole calories. Be very careful that none drips down into your mouth. After all, you can’t get wrinkles on the inside, as your doctor has repeatedly told you.



1. sponge

2. Dish Sponge = 1 Whole Sponge

Wow, it takes an entire sponge to equal one of those tiny Oreo cracker 100-calorie packs that you eat in secret! Just think of all the calories you’re rubbing on your flatware every time you do the dishes. Yikes!



3. toilet paper

3. Toilet Paper = 3 Squares

So many calories going down the toilet all the time. No wonder your toilet is so fat.




4. take out menu

4. Takeout Menu = First 4 Pages

While the pages may contain food with thousands of calories, the pages themselves do not! Kind of makes you think, right?



5. pen

5. Dusty Pen From Purse = Half (The Clicky Part)

You know that one you save for when the waiter has only given you one pen to use amongst the four of you at the end of brunch? Well here’s half of it, which is 100 calories! And if you add in the writey part, buckle up, cuz that’s 140 calories! No more pen-chewing for you!



We definitely learned something today, and hope you did too! (Disclaimer: None of the things listed in this article are meant to be eaten; we just thought like, why not write about this?)