These Generous Women Founded a Charity to Foster Recently Single Men

A group of amazing women have come together to establish a charity that the community desperately needed.


The charity, which fosters recently-single men until they learn to get back on their feet, is called “No, You’re Great!,” a full-service shelter where women take in these men, clothe them, bathe them, and give them their confidence back by constantly repeating, “No, you’re great,” until their egos are brave enough to face the world again.


“I’ve spent so much of my life fostering men who have just broken up with their girlfriends and I just thought I could open that skill up to the greater community,” says co-founder Angela Hersh. “There are so many men wandering around on the streets, not able to remember where their laundromat is, and we can help them.”



She added, “When men are in need, or just needy, we can help.”


This valuable resource has already helped dozens of men, many of whom initiated their breakup but are “still dealing with stuff” they don’t want to talk about too much.


“I couldn’t even finish brewing my craft beer until I found No, You’re Great!” says the recently single Josh Camarelli. “I went through a breakup and I don’t know if anyone else has ever gone through that, but it was just very hard for me personally and…” Josh was not able to finish this thought as he had to go tell another woman that he really likes her, but he’s just going through something right now.


“Sometimes we’re just here to listen,” explains Hersh. “Mostly because they don’t stop talking until we feed them or put them down for their naps. And we know when they’re ready to get back into the world when they’re able to pick a restaurant by themselves or ask us a question about ourselves.”


While demand for a similar organization for women is low, No, You’re Great! is ultimately a service to help women.


“By fostering these men until they are stable again, we eliminate the pressure for rebound girls everywhere. We do the work for them so they can focus on other important things like their own lives. Plus, I actually ended up keeping one of the men I was fostering. He’s pretty messed up because his last girlfriend made more money than him, but he’s so cute and gets along with my cats.”


No, You’re Great! is currently at maximum capacity, but waitlist spots are still available. So sign up your ex-boyfriends because they probably can’t do it themselves because they’re going through something right now.