These Fennec Foxes Are Too Cute for Words, But We’ll Do What We Can

Imagine a fox, shrink it down, add some massive ears, sprinkle in a hefty dose of Norse magic, and you’ve got yourself an inadequate mental picture of a fennec fox! While the sheer adorableness of these small creatures is too great to describe using words, we’re going to really squeeze the juice out of this by saying “sheer adorableness” and “squee!!!” Here are some fennec foxes to which our clumsy human language barely does justice:


Fox #1: “Snuggly” and “cute”

This is Savannah the Fennec Fox! She's only 10 months old. She's training to be an animal actor.

This sleepy fox looks like a corgi and also kind of like you in the mornings, right?? Wrong! Simile doesn’t even come close to how impossibly snuggly-wuggly this little guy is! There is no comparison that does justice to this cuuuuute creature, but hopefully our use of “snuggly-wuggle” and “cuuuuute” give you an idea.


Fox #2: “Awwwwwwww!”

Fox 2

Did you know that those ears are used to dissipate heat in the fennec fox’s desert habitat? Wow! Unfortunately, this fact does very little to convey what one picture can. You might say “awwwwwwww!” but, alas, there aren’t enough Ws in the world to describe how truly endearing this fennec fox is.



Fox #3: “SQUEEEE!”

Fox 3

This fennec fox is basically just a cozy ball of fur, but it is also so, so much more than that. While we do not deign to capture the peaceful sweetness of a sleeping fox in mere words, if you take the words “cozy,” “peaceful,” and “sweet” and multiply that by infinity, you get the nonsense word, “squee”. While technically not a word, squee is the closest thing we have to an utterance that captures this fennec fox. SQUEEE!!!


Fox #4: “Fluffy cutie baby butt!!!”

Fox 4

Look at this fennec fox in its woodland setting. Look at its tiny little body and startled little face. Just look at it! Ugh! Are you looking? It seems like you’re reading, and as we’ve said, our words are an inadequate means of expressing how painfully, excruciatingly cute this fox is. Please just look—and don’t judge yourself for the non-words that come out of your mouth.


Fox #5: “The sleepy!!” or “I can kiss the whiskers plz?”

Fox 5

What could this sweet creature be dreaming of? Hedgehogs fitting into teacups? Baby shoes? A cat snuggled up in a blanket? Our coarse humanity is unfit to imagine what flits across a fennec fox’s unconscious, but let us put it this way: If that sleeping fox was dreaming of another sleeping fox who was in turn dreaming of a sleeping fox, and so on, that doesn’t even begin to cover how precious this sleeping fox is.


Fox #6: “DERP!”

Fox 6

WHAT. HOW. We want to say DERP but that seems like an insult to how ridiculously silly and adorable this fox cleaning itself in a narrow space is. We shouldn’t even try, but alas, our site’s content management system requires us to enter a caption. Please accept the mildly offensive term, “derp” as our best offering because we literally have nothing else to say.


We hope we have not displeased you, oh Fennec Fox, Gatekeeper of Cuteness, for our words are insufficient when it comes across something oh so sweet oh yes it is!!!!