Texas Passes Law Forcing Wendy Davis to Undergo a Transvaginal Ultrasound

Texas GOP passed a controversial law yesterday that would require female democratic candidates running for State office to undergo a mandatory trans- vaginal ultrasound to be eligible for office. The controversial law was passed almost immediately following Wendy Davis’ announcement that she will be running for Governor in 2014.


While critics of the law say that it is an infringement on Ms. Davis’ constitutional rights, the Texas GOP argues that performing an unnecessary, invasive procedure is simply part of the democratic process.


“If you are running for office you should expect to have every aspect of your life probed and invaded,” remarked Texas Governor Rick Perry. “I had to disclose my tax records before running four years ago; it’s just part of politics.”


The Texas Democratic party are up in arms over the new law, saying it’s merely a way to dissuade the wildly popular Ms. Davis from running next November. Defenders of the law claim that it is “merely another tool to achieving more transparency in government.”



Local Tea Party leader Rudy Jones says, “Everyone keeps talking about women’s rights, but what about my right to know what’s going on down there? Women are always trying to hide something. I wanna see what she’s made of.”


Polls show that the community is uncertain about the new law: 49% of Texans believe that it is a violation of her right to privacy, while 48% believe women shouldn’t have any rights at all.


When asked whether or not she would comply with the new law, Ms. Davis replied, “It may seem cruel and unusual, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to get my own MSNBC show.”