‘Glee’ Fan Secretly Wishes for Boyfriend’s Death After Monteith Tribute

Valerie Meer, 15, of Chabot, California, quietly fantasized about her boyfriend’s death while watching Glee‘s tribute to actor Corey Monteith and his character, Finn Hudson, Thursday night.


As the McKinley High School Glee Club rallied together in unified grief and performed “Seasons of Love” in a memorial for the character, Meer thought about how inspiring it would be for her classmates if she rallied them in remembrance of her boyfriend, Greg Duncan, if anything were ever to happen to him.


“Losing your boyfriend of almost a year, who you met doing the school musical (the thing you love most), would be a great thing to write about on a college application,” Meer thought to herself, while projecting a practiced expression of pure grief throughout the hour-long episode.



Watching Lea Michele tearfully sing “Make You Feel My Love” in tribute to her onscreen and offscreen boyfriend at a viewing party with friends, Meer wondered to herself what song she would sing if her own boyfriend were to die. “Something sad but not too cliché. ‘Castle on a Cloud’ would be unexpected.”


Meer thought that if her boyfriend were to die it would probably be from a freak case of pneumonia or sudden illness, since he has such a weak constitution, but maybe an accident involving water, where his body was never found — that would be appropriately maudlin.


“It would be sad to go on without Greg, applying to acting conservatories without him, but I’d manage with the support of the community,” thought Meer. “And besides, Greg is probably gay like everyone says so it’s not like we would’ve lasted.”