Tedious Makeup Looks That Say, ‘I Actually Celebrate All Eight Nights of Hanukkah’

The holiday season is in full swing and it’s time to show your festive friends that you’re not messing around. That’s right—you celebrate all eight nights of Hanukkah, you committed bitch! You deserve an involved makeup look that shows your friends what you’re made of. These makeup looks will take hours, but they’ll leave fellow party guests with no doubt in their minds that you fully observe each and every night of Hannukkah.


Smokey Eye With Winged-Tip Liner

This stunning beauty twist combines a smudged eye look with one that depends entirely on precision. Achieving the right balance will take several tries and a full bottle of makeup remover, but it’ll be totally worth it. You’ll send the message loud and clear that you’ve got what it takes to set aside time to light candles for eight straight nights. Your friends who just mumble through prayers on the first night will be completely in awe!


Reverse Contouring

In the depths of winter, too much bronzer and fake tanner look inauthentic. You want to show you’re the real deal! So focus instead on a dazzling array of highlighters that you can painstakingly apply to the spots where light naturally hits your face. After enough blending and stippling to give you carpal tunnel syndrome, you’ll achieve a glow radiant enough to make people realize you tend to your menorah for over a week. Dust on some luminescent pressed powder and they’ll even think you let the candles burn down on their own instead blowing them out early! You clean out wax from your menorah every night, and your friends should know that.


Star of David Rhinestone Decals

Everyone loves a little extra sparkle this time of year. It’s a great time to try and pull off appliqué gemstones! Gently peel the small six-pointed stars off their plastic backing and attempt to place them in a design on your temples that looks casual but not messy. When you step into a room with this kind of glamour, you’ll have everyone thinking, “Wow, she needs to buy a new box of candles every year because she actually goes through all 44 during Hanukkah.”



Twinkling Candle Lip Art

Exhausted from the manual labor of scraping wax off your counter? Give yourself the gift of something more delicate. This intricate lip art is stunning and you know it’ll take you twice as long as a professional artist to recreate the look at home. Make sure to let each coat dry between layers. You can pass the time by grating potatoes and chopping onions because when people see that masterpiece on your mouth, they’re going to expect you to have eight batches of latkes in that freezer! What can you say—celebrating Hanukkah for all eight nights makes a gal hungry. Hungry for TRADITION!


There’s a lot of effort that goes into celebrating Hanukkah for eight nights, and you should have a makeup look that reflects that. Try any of these tedious looks to have your friends saying, “Wow, that’s amazing—I think. I celebrate Christmas.”