Sure, I’ll Put My Baby Up for Adoption as Soon as I’m Out of the Foster System

I’m six weeks pregnant and 17 years old living in Alabama. When discussing my reproductive options with my doctor, more than one person has suggested that I bring the pregnancy to full-term and put my child up for adoption. And I think that’s a cool idea – I’ll definitely get to it just as soon as I’m out of the foster system myself.


I’m one of about half a million kids in the system right now. Statistically, only half of kids like me will finish high school by age 18, and 1 in 5 will be homeless. So when you suggest that I just continue this unwanted pregnancy and ship this future baby out for adoption, I’m like, hell yeah! After living through this myself, I know this baby is gonna have a spectacular time, just like me. This trustworthy, totally functional system sure did right by me!



I can definitely understand why you’d want me to bring a potential life into this world. Half of girls who age out of the system and get pregnant end up having children back in the foster system, and I’d love to give my child the chance to roll the dice. What’s the point of life if it’s not a 50/50 chance at poverty and isolation?


I totally get that there’s a nice family out there who might want to adopt a baby. Maybe they are having fertility issues or missed their window of opportunity to have their own. And the first thing I have on my mind right now other than simply surviving day-to-day and wondering what on earth I will do the day I turn 18, is, maybe they can adopt me first? Ha ha. Just kidding. Almost nobody adopts teenagers or I wouldn’t be here right now.