‘Success Is Overrated,’ Guesses Woman

27-year-old L.A. resident Missy Washington has boldly ventured that “success is overrated,” even though she can’t really know for sure, based on her own experience.


“Most people are stuck chasing success even though they’ll never truly be happy with it,” Missy told us. “At least, that’s what I’ve heard, but I wouldn’t know personally.”


According to reports, Missy has been a painter for over ten years, but she hasn’t sold a single painting. However, she argues that this actually isn’t a bad thing.


“Sure, it would be nice to make money from my art,” Missy says. “But why would I want my favorite hobby to be corrupted by money, anyway? It’s about the process, not capital gain, I think.”


Witnesses report that while Missy has somehow managed to evade success for years, she assures the people around her that this is only because she believes the concept is blown way out of proportion.


“I think the fact that society is obsessed with achievement is pretty disturbing actually,” she told us. “Failure is necessary, which is why I purposefully try not to achieve anything at all.”


We were also able to catch up with Missy’s loved ones about her groundbreaking philosophy, but they didn’t seem to view things in quite the same way.


“Missy keeps telling me how happy she is about not being super successful,” Missy’s sister, Gia Washington, told us. “She says that success is a huge burden, but I’m not sure how she’d know that considering that she’s never really accomplished anything.”


Her best friend, Veronica Feinstein, was also a little concerned about Missy’s outlook.



“Missy’s definitely had a rough couple of years,” Veronica told us. “So I can see why she thinks that success is overrated, but it might just be because she hasn’t had a win in a really long time. Maybe even ever!”


However, Missy stands firm in her belief that success isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


“Success doesn’t guarantee happiness,” Missy said. “I think.”