Steve Buscemi Cameo Unexpected Highlight of Sex Dream

For Heather Olmstead, the cameo of character actor Steve Buscemi was an unexpected highlight of her recent, vivid sex dream.


“I was having this dream about hooking up with my college professor, except he was older than in real life,” Olmstead says. “All of a sudden, Steve Buscemi shows up to debate a grade he got on a paper, and he’s like not even noticing that we’re in the middle of sex.”


Olmstead went on to applaud the magnetism of Steve Buscemi in her unconscious.


“It was like a really classic Steve Buscemi character if you know what I mean. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him.”


Olmstead recognizes that it’s odd that Buscemi would be cast as a student, particularly at this point in his career.


“I guess that’s my melatonin-addled brain for ya!”



While the dream started as your typically confusing yet arousing nighttime sex fantasy, the entrance of Steve Buscemi really stole the show.


“He kept saying things like, ‘I oughta tell someone what you’re up to here.’ But he still wasn’t noticing that his professor is sleeping with a student right in front of him, who is me. It was somehow both funny and poignant. It’s given me a lot to think about.”


She added: “I guess I just really connect with Steve as a performer.”


Olmstead’s boyfriend, Aaron Riley, is skeptical of the significance of the performance.


“We watched Fargo right before bed, so I’m sure she was just like, remembering that.”