Sorry Feminists – Men Are Better at Murder

Senseless murders are happening every day, and the facts don’t lie: According to a UN report, 96 percent of the perpetrators of murder are male. Now, think about all of the coolest murders that ever happened. Who did them? Men.


Sorry, feminists – nothing destroys your idea that men and women are “equal” like murder.


If there happened to be a preponderance of male murderers in a sample group, a typical whiny feminist would say that it’s due to a legacy of sexism and a culture that discourages girls from committing murder. Yet there is nothing keeping women from murder – men and women have equal and abundant access to guns, which have made murder more accessible to everyone (toddlers included). But face it, lesbos: Men commit more murders because men are better at murder. Their brains are simply designed for it. This is just simple logic.


The fact that men are objectively better murder throws your entire feminist worldview under the bus. Men are just more willing to devote themselves to tedious tasks, like learning everything about a person and stalking their every move for weeks on end, or looking up different ways to make hundreds of varieties of pipe bombs. The only thing that keeps female women out of the murder field is male men’s ability to find cooler and better ways to annihilate literally everything.


Men have excelled at so many things because they’re willing to put off basic needs in order to dominate fields like STEM. So why should we stop men from running the world if it’s been working extremely well so far? Look at Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk – if they aren’t examples of men doing everything right, I don’t know what is.



Feminists will argue that women have been kept out of the murdering game because they’ve been “harassed” or “discouraged” or “at risk of being murdered,” but maybe they just lack the obsessive drive and skill required to get the job done. Again, this is pure logic here. You see, the archetypal murder geek, the kind who posts endless memes of skeletons, guns and blood or things like “I’m gonna kill everyone” on Facebook, is just willing to put a lot more effort into murder than the typical cranky feminist looking to sue anyone who tells her how much she sucks.


The way the world works is simple: If everyone just did what they were best at (women’s skills include childbearing, cooking dinner, begging men to stop murdering), we would all be so much better off than the bureaucratic feminist boondoggle that we’re in today. Millions of dollars have been poured into anti-violence initiatives and methods to reduce the violent crime rate, but has anybody just taken a breather and said, “Wow, it’s just really fucking impressive how good men are at murdering?” I mean, look who has won every war in the history of mankind. Coincidence? I don’t think so.