Skin Decides to Be Flawless Now, Of All Times

In a move that can only be meant to hurt you, your skin has decided to be flawless now, of all fucking times.


At first, quarantine seemed like a nice opportunity for your skin to breathe, free from makeup and a meticulous cleansing routine. But the more quickly your skin started to clear up, the less you felt comforted and the more you felt angry that nobody can see it, or fully appreciate it through grainy video chats.


Why, now, of all times? Why this day when not a soul will look upon your blemish-free façade?!


Reports show you have been shaken to your core, as you gaze nightly into your smooth, luminous complexion, tears dripping down your perfect face.


Photos don’t capture its perfection. This moment will remain lost to history and human recollection.


“Oh why, why, why?” you ask yourself in the mirror.



Your face looks back, coolly, stoically.


And then you shift into a beautiful, flawless, awe-inspiring grimace.


This face, this skin… is only for you to enjoy.