Single Woman Makes Awesome Pancake-Shaped Pancakes for Herself

A Newport News, VA woman has garnered attention in her community with a special morning treat for one: Darcy Millington, 41, is committed to wowing herself by making extra-special pancakes that are shaped just like pancakes, every morning.


“It’s so fun to be creative right as I start my day,” Millington continues, as she plops a pile of pancake-shaped pancake batter in a pan. “I know I’ll remember these special mornings and unique treats for years to come.”


Millington, a pharmacist, has no formal training in art or illustration, yet she is still able to whip up batch after batch of realistic-looking circular or oblong pancakes.


“I really just allow the batter to tell me what shape it should be in, that’s how I get the most pancake-shaped pancakes,” Millington explains, while attempting to fish a broken eggshell out of the batter.



Millington’s pancake prowess has made an impression on others as well. “She once invited me over for pancakes and I was just stunned. They looked just like pancakes – so round,” says friend Tara Jackson. “I’ll never forget those special moments we shared.”


As part of her special pancake tradition, she piles them on a plate and serves them to herself with maple syrup and butter.


“I know that some people make Mickey Mouses or heart-shaped pancakes, but every morning, I ask myself to make the pancake-shaped pancakes again. They stack up so nicely.” says Millington eyeing her stack of sort of round pancakes. “It’s the little things we do for ourselves that really stay with us.”