Single? Let Me Set You Up With Peter, The Guy Who Wasn’t Good Enough for Me

In this world of online dating and dead-end relationships, there’s nothing more refreshing than being set up with someone by a trusted friend. After all, who knows you and your romantic inclinations better than your beloved besties? This is why I’d like to introduce you to Peter, the guy who wasn’t good enough for me, but who should be just fine for someone like you.


I’m no matchmaker, but I suspect you might find Peter to be quite the catch. I certainly didn’t, but you should give him a try anyway. It just didn’t make sense for me and Peter to be a couple—we’re much better as acquaintances. He keeps texting me, which means he’s very attentive, even though I don’t want that attention. That’s where you come in.


Just because my date with Peter was a terrible experience doesn’t mean he’s not husband material for you. For instance, he can do the most impressive vaping tricks you’ve ever seen. What woman (besides me) couldn’t fall in love with that? Peter is also a man of principle, always ready to provide long-winded explanations of his political ideology in the middle of even the most pleasant conversations. Strangers have remarked more than once on his striking ability to just keep talking and talking. I found it annoying, but hey, maybe you’ll like it. I don’t know! It’s worth a try!!


It may sound strange, but the second I decided I wasn’t interested in Peter, I immediately thought of you. With your history of giving basically anyone a shot and Peter being ultimately not good enough for me, I knew it was a match made in heaven, maybe. And just because things didn’t pan out between Peter and me doesn’t mean he won’t make a great partner for another woman. Specifically you! I honestly hated him but you seem lonely, so why not go for it?



To be perfectly honest, Peter has been trying to win me back ever since I decided to break things off, so you should probably know that before getting into things with him. He pretty much can’t get over me, but I don’t think that should get in the way of what could be an amazing relationship together, since you are both definitely in the same league. So, why not give Peter a chance? He may not be the best guy I know, but he’s definitely a guy I know. Good luck!