Since the GOP Has a QAnon Congresswoman, Democrats Should Elect Someone Who Believes Harry and Louis Were Dating in One Direction

Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia’s 14th congressional district has made party history as the GOP’s first QAnon supporting representative, which is crazy and terrifying, but it’s also unfair. Why should Republicans be the only party who get to elect officials who espouse baseless, extended fanfic conspiracy theories? That’s why Democrats should elect someone who believes Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were dating throughout the lifespan of One Direction.


I’m sure that person would be very easy to find.


The QAnon theory purports an alternate reality in which Donald Trump is the second coming of Jesus, secretly fighting a war to protect Christian Americans from the oppressive forces of a cabal of elite Democrats, celebrities, and billionaires whose main thing is child sex trafficking. The anti-semitic undertones have really caught on with throngs of white Christians much in the same way that Larry — or the conspiracy that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were a couple whose relationship was kept secret by the band’s management — was adopted by throngs of One Direction fans.



If the psychotic fantasy of the right can be represented in government, why can’t our hotter, gayer psychotic fantasy be?


Marjorie Taylor Greene champions an idea that allows white people to take all of the problems in their life and blame them on a secret, sinister force instead of acknowledging the very public sinister forces of late-stage capitalism and the insecure nature of an identity constructed around white supremacy. Larry allows a fan base of predominantly teenage girls to explore their sexual fantasies in a way that feels safe and provides the comfort of knowing someone in power believes two cute boys shared a dangerous love that knew no bounds. This is all part of the American cultural landscape, and some of it is even beautiful.


This is not to say that Larry and QAnon are equivalent conspiracy theories: For instance, One Directioners are better at making YouTube evidence series, and also they aren’t reproducing racist and anti-semitic myths while radicalizing white people to acts of domestic terrorism. But one thing is clear: if QAnon is now welcome in the legislative branch of the US government, then at the very least, we should get the Larry conspiracy. This is a democracy, after all.