Selfish Much? Becca Throwing Out Dates That Only Work For Her

Um, okay: Mega-greedy Becca Thurnston of Chicago, IL, has totally thrown friends for a loop by trying to make plans that only work with her schedule.


Wow, Becca! Way to make this all about you!



When friends Udaya Kamineni and Cheryl James attempted to make brunch plans with Becca, they were astounded by her brazen attempts to put herself first by only mentioning the times that worked for her.


“She was throwing out all these days that work for her, but like… what about the rest of us?” Cheryl asked. “I sometimes work on Fridays and she knows that.”


As Becca proposed day after day that fit her schedule, Udaya and Cheryl became increasingly perplexed.


“A lot of those days didn’t even work for me,” said Udaya, who did not have the gall to throw out such self-serving ideas, such as days that worked for her.


“I just kept waiting for her to throw out a day that worked for me,” says Cheryl. “But it felt like she wasn’t taking my schedule into account at all.”



After several minutes of unreciprocated scheduling attempts, Becca finally asked Udaya and Cheryl which days might work for them.


The three finally settled on a Thursday night dinner that was near Cheryl’s home and on Udaya’s drive home but would require Becca to move her physical therapy appointment.


“I’m glad she finally realized how ridiculous she was being,” says Cheryl. “She’s so fucking selfish sometimes.”