See the Amazing Moment When a Deaf Woman Hears Her Own Farts for the First Time


30-year-old Rebecca Chambers has been completely deaf since birth. Diagnosed with an inner ear disease when she was two weeks old, her parents began teaching Rebecca American Sign Language, preparing her for a life without hearing.


“She’s never heard the ocean, the sound of wind in the trees, a Beatles song, or even her own farts,” her father, George, lamented. But all that changed Tuesday, when Chambers was fitted with an auditory implant by Dr. Lynn Strombold, and heard herself fart for the first time.


The video of Chambers hearing her farts for the first time has gone viral since its release. Her uncontrollable sobs and her discordant gas continue for several captivating minutes. “I can’t stop crying,” she beamed, through tears. “This is the most incredible moment of my life. I finally feel like I know what people hear when I fart.”


Dr. Strombold even got choked up during our interview with her, “The smell was rank for sure, but the sounds were almost vomit-inducing. It’s moments like these that remind me why I do what I do.”



“We’re used to her constantly breaking wind, so it didn’t bother us,” shrugged her mother, Lynn Chambers.


Try and watch the video without crying. We dare you.