Romantic Walk Spent Complaining

Los Angeles residents Evan Davids and Tricia Holiday spent their Sunday evening going on a romantic walk complaining their way through their Echo Park neighborhood.


“It was so nice to spend quality time with Evan,” said Tricia afterward. “But still, there’s so much to whine about and I wasn’t going to not do that.”


From the humidity to the construction zones, no subject arose that the couple didn’t find something to complain about.


“The whole thing was beautiful, start to finish,” Evan tells us. “Our neighborhood is great. And yet, somehow, I still spent so much of my time walking through it pissed off. I mean, really? Could the people in front of us have been walking any slower?”


Onlookers noticed that while the two were clearly in the throes of a passionate love affair, they did spend the majority of their walk making angry faces and pointing at things.


“They were holding hands and walking real close together,” says the couple’s neighbor, Barbara McAllister. “But they were also animatedly pointing their fingers at potholes and grimacing. At one point I heard Tricia say ‘sidewalks shouldn’t get cracks.’”


“Sorry, but stuff just pisses us off,” Tricia concedes. “It doesn’t take away from the love we have for each other. We love romantic nights together, but we also hate how loud fire engines are.”


Though from the outside it may seem that the couple did not enjoy their evening walk, Tricia and Evan maintain that they will continue to take these post-dinner strolls.


“There is nothing more romantic and lovely than a late summer evening on the West Coast,” says Evan. “The sun paints the sky a deep red, a chorus of grasshoppers hum softly at our feet, and an unending stream of ‘Fuck this’ pour from our lips.”


Sources report that the couple finished their walk around 9:30 pm, and reportedly made their way back into their home, turned off their porch light, and locked the front door.



“My feet are pretty tired,” said Tricia. “Also my throat is sore. Probably from the smog.”


Sources confirm it was definitely from her shouting for the past hour.