Real Life ‘Hocus Pocus’? Three Middle-Aged Women Are Enjoying Their October

In an exciting and spooky story coming out of Boston, MA, local residents 48-year-old Greta Dorman, 52-year-old Val Mccoy, and 44-year-old Casandra Milfried are all taking a page out of the ‘Hocus Pocus’ Sanderson Sisters’ spell book by simply enjoying their October.


“It’s such a nice month,” says Greta. “I just love when the leaves turn.”


Finally! Women paying homage where homage is due.


In typical ‘Hocus Pocus’ fashion, Greta, Val, and Casandra have spent this month picking apples, going on hay rides, and making hot apple cider, which all seems pretty witchy to us!


We asked these women how the popular Halloween film directly inspired their October activities, and they were eager to let us know.


“Oh, we just like doing fall things,” Val told us. “We’re not really referencing anything.”


“‘Hocus Pocus’?” Greta said. “I’ve never heard of that.”


Okay, maybe this gaslighting is a form of witchcraft, because it sure seems like this trio of women are breathing new life into the tale of three high camp witches tormenting some kids who stole their book.


“I actually think it’s kind of offensive,” Cassandra told us. “That just because we’re enjoying this month, it’s automatically assumed that we’re doing a tribute to some random cult classic movie.”



“Can’t we just like fall and be over 40?” she added.


Maybe…. But it would also be so cool if they all just said “Double double, toil and trouble” or something! Like just once for the kids! Okay, maybe just for us.