Real-life ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’? This Woman Punched a Guy in the 90s

In an exciting story out of San Diego, CA, 44-year-old Jamie Pierson has recently revealed that she might just be the real-life Buffy The Vampire Slayer because she punched a guy back in the 90s!


“It was so thrilling,” Jamie says. “I was just in a bar and this random guy came up to me. He was really rude and aggressive to me and my friends, so I just punched him in the face!”


Woah! So Whedonian!


We also caught up with some of Jamie’s friends at the time about  her other Buffy-like adventures.


“I mean, she’s not really like Buffy at all,” Jamie’s friend, 46-year-old Mel Hewes, says. “Like yeah, it was the 90s and she had shoulder-length blonde hair at the time, but other than that it was just a thing that happened once.”


Interesting! But once we scoped out the scene of the said bar brawl, we found that the venue was exactly like the “Bronze” club in the cult classic TV show, in that it had two different levels and was also kind of popular in the 90s (it has since closed).


But what caused the altercation to happen in the first place? Was the man a vampire? A demon? Or maybe some other kind of hell-housed monster?


“Oh, no, not at all,” Jamie says. “He was just some guy. I don’t know.”


“She was black-out drunk,” her friend Mel explains. “I just remember him walking by quietly and Jamie knocked him on the ground.”


Ok, girl power!


So while Jamie Pierson didn’t have to juggle the two different lives of being a vampire slayer and a normal student, she did knock out two teeth of some random guy at a bar in the 90s.


“I was also wearing a maroon leather jacket at the time,” Jamie informs us.


Okay, that is so Y2K!