QUIZ: Is Your Manor Haunted or Did You Take Too Many Edibles in Your Apartment Again?

haunted manor, woman

It can happen to the best of us: You’re sitting alone in the library in your 18th-century country manor when you hear a ‘creak’ from across the room. It’s late, and the lady in the painting on the wall appears to be looking at you. A mysterious force in the room blows out your candle as an ominous storm suddenly rolls in. Could the lady in the painting have some unfinished business from centuries ago? Or did you eat the whole pan of weed brownies in your one-bedroom basement apartment again? Take this quiz to find out:


Do you own or live in a country manor?

A. Why yes, of course. My family has lived here for centuries. But a dark force has always been present that my father always warned me about.

B. I…don’t? Hmm. That doesn’t make sense.


Did you eat any marijuana in the past 4-8 hours?

A. Such things are hard to find this far outside of town. I’ve had some port wine that I gathered from cellar downstairs, where it seems as though I have disrupted something – something awful.

B. I did, but I didn’t feel anything after a couple of hours so I smoked…ohhhh.


Have you texted a friend to confirm your perception of reality?

A. I don’t have many friends out here in the country. It’s a lonely, solitary life in this manor. And yet, there is a constant feeling of dread every time I walk the grounds, as if the very building itself is slowly trying to murder me, ending the family line forever. Who is she? What does she want? I wonder, as the swords from the Sword Room seem to be following me wherever I go.

B. I did, and she said that I need to “stop making my own edibles.” What could it all mean?




Mostly A’s: Your manor could be haunted.

These things happen in centuries-old manors, so don’t be so hard on yourself! It sounds like the woman in the painting and perhaps a more ominous, mysterious force may be operating in order to end the horrid curse placed upon the souls of your family. Get the backup rifle out of the stables and take the carriage into town first thing tomorrow – if you can survive the night.

Mostly B’s. You have taken too many edibles in your one-bedroom apartment again.

Sorry, hun – it happened again. This strain takes a while to hit, and you really took way too much for one person to handle. Honestly, it’s impressive you haven’t died yet.